"This app does everything a person who is a visual observer, binocular user, or owner of a small telescope could want. It's easy to customize, the various menus and options are clearly laid out, and the look of the app is terrific. It also includes a list of interesting objects that can be seen on any night the user chooses -- stars, messier objects, planets, etc. The develper and his staff also are prompt to answer e-mail so there is actually support after purchase!"

- Steve H., September 2011

"The wait for the SkySafari Pro Mac OS X package on the 11 inch screen was well worth it. Everything on the smaller screen just looks so much better on the bigger screen. It has also eliminated the random 'big fingers' problems I suffered previously. All the familiar screens and options were where I expected them to be from using [SkySafari on] the iPod. Again no problems connecting the MacBook Air to the Starbook mount, and within minutes I was controlling my mount from the app on the MacBook Air. Being on the MacBook Air now makes it so much easier to import the various types of observing lists available... Summary: Great application and a great upgrade... Please keep up the good work."

- Donal McNamara, September 2011

SkySafari for Mac OS X

Please Note: SkySafari is now owned and supported by Simulation Curriculum Corporation. This page contains legacy information for owners of older versions of the app. For the latest information on SkySafari for Mac OS X, go to

SkySafari isn't just an award-winning iPhone astronomy app - now it's available for Mac OS X, too! SkySafari's interface has been redesigned from scratch for the Mac, using 100% native Cocoa OS X controls. SkySafari's iOS OpenGL astronomy engine soars on the Mac, and a full-sized monitor, mouse, and keyboard open up a universe of new possibilities.

SkySafari and SkySafari Plus for Mac OS X are both available on the Mac App Store. SkySafari Pro for Mac OS X is available exclusively by download from our web site. All three versions of SkySafari for Mac OS X require Mac OS X 10.6 or later, and a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.


Like our iPhone apps, SkySafari for Mac OS X comes in three versions:

All versions contain the encyclopaedic descriptive content and astronomical image gallery found in our iPhone apps. SkySafari Plus and Pro add wired and wireless telescope control.

SkySafari takes advantage of Apple's latest Mac OS X features. It understands multitouch gestures on Macs with multitouch trackpads, and supports OS X 10.7 (Lion) full-screen mode. And its responsive, fluid interface borrows from the best aspects of SkySafari for iPhone. SkySafari for Mac OS X truly brings astronomy software into the 21st century. It's more than a star chart - it's a celestial travel guide!

Frequently Asked Questions

Consult the FAQ if you have questions about SkySafari for Mac OS X that are not anwered on our web site. If your question isn't answered in the FAQ, send us an email. We'll do our best to get you an answer - which just might make it into the FAQ!