Download Free SkyChart III Demo

You can download a free demo version of SkyChart III using the links below. The demo version of the program can't perform any high-precision planetary ephemeris computations, and its database contains only 12,000 objects (instead of the 19 million on the CD-ROM). However, all other features of the demo version are fully functional.

This demo version is release 3.5.1; some of the new features in our latest release (3.6) are not present in this demo. For a complete description of the new features in release 3.6, click here. A demo version of release 3.6 should be available by the end of 2003.

Note: Two small regions of the Hubble Guide Star Catalog data are included with the demo version's database. These regions provide a sample of the full database available on the CD-ROM. These regions may be accessed by opening the demo settings files called Pluto Finder Chart and Wild Duck Cluster.

Operating System Download Size Description
Windows 95 - 98 - Me - NT - 2000 - XP SkyChart III Demo 3.5.1 for Windows 3.8 MB (4,022,147 bytes) 32-bit Windows executable
Mac OS 8.6 - 9.2 SkyChart III Demo 3.5.1 for Mac OS 8.6 - 9.2 4.9 MB (5,170,816 bytes) MacBinary-encoded Classic Mac OS application
Mac OS X SkyChart III Demo 3.5.1 for Mac OS X 5.8 MB (6,157,184 bytes) MacBinary-encoded Carbon Mac OS application

Note: The Macintosh versions are MacBinary-encoded; Macintosh users may need to obtain a uility like StuffIt Expander from Aladdin Systems in order to decode them.

Problems with the Download?

If you have problems downloading these files, please check to make sure that the exact size of the file you've downloaded (in bytes) matches the file sizes specified above. If they do not match, the download was incomplete or corrupted. Send e-mail to, let us know which version you need, and we'll try to send it back to you by email.

This page last updated 13 November 2003.