SkyChart III Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists the answers to the questions that we most often recieve about SkyChart III via telephone and e-mail. You might try checking this page first if you have a question -- you'll probably find the answer faster here!

How much does SkyChart III cost, and where can I purchase a copy?

I have an older computer. Can I run SkyChart III even though my computer does not meet your system requirements?

I downloaded a SkyChart III update or demo version from your web site, but when I tried to install it I got an error message saying "Corrupt Installation Detected". What's wrong?

I downloaded a SkyChart III update from your web site, and now the program starts up with a blank window or an error message saying that a file could not be found. Or, I downloaded an update but nothing changed. What's wrong?

How do I find the Big Dipper?

I changed my location, but every time the program starts up, it says I am located in San Francisco. How do I make SkyChart III save my location?

I can't get SkyChart III to print anything!

I imported a file containing satellites/asteroids/comets, but the objects in the file don't appear on the screen. What's wrong?

Why does SkyChart III appear to use 100% of the CPU, even when no animations are running?

Why is Earth visible out in the heavens even when viewed from a location on Earth, as on the settings file "Triple Conjunction"?

When I display the north polar region for dates earlier than about 10,000 B.C., Polaris and the other polar region stars move away from the celestial pole in an arc, and then move almost randomly across the sky. Why?

Can I import a batch of text files at one time, rather than individually?

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