SkyCube: Global Outreach Program

SkyCube isn't a product of just one person or one company. To succeed, it needs involvement from as many people as possible. Launching a spacecraft into orbit - even a tiny one! - is too expensive for 99.99% of the world's population to afford individually. But when shared among thousands or millions of individuals, it's something we can all afford and enjoy.

iOS and Android apps for tracking SkyCube will be provided - here, superimposed over a real image of NASA's
NanoSail-D spacecraft captured by amateur astronomer Vesa Vauhkonen from Finland in January, 2011.

Fundraising for SkyCube will be conducted primarily through a "crowd-sourced" microfinance approach. While there will be advertising opportunities for large donors and corporate sponsors, we hope to achieve the majority of our fundraising goals from many small donors. SkyCube's success depends on widespread participation and a sense of individual ownership in the program. Our mission will achieve greater success if a million $1 sponors fund it, than if a single $1 million sponsor funds it*.

The rewards offered by SkyCube are similarly global in nature. The iPhone and Android apps we are developing to let you track SkyCube around the world and watch it pass overhead, and that let you request images from and send messages to the spacecraft, will be internationalized to all of the world's major languages. In the developing world, smart phones are an even more important part of the program: half of all internet access in developing countries is done through smart phones.

We plan to work with organizations like Astronomers Without Borders, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and NASA's Night Sky Network to spread awareness of SkyCube. We'll provide educational materials to these organizations for teachers and students to learn about astronomy and spaceflight through SkyCube. We'll also use our relationships with mainstream and astronomy media like Sky & Telescope magazine and MacTech to disseminate news and information about the program.

And yes, you'll be able to like SkyCube on Facebook and follow it on Twitter!

* Although, if you or your corporation are interested in a major sponsorship opportunity, please don't hesitate to contact us.