SeeDeR: Satellite Software Defined Radio

SeeDer is a Windows-based software defined radio (SDR) decoder. It supports many commercially-available USB SDR hardware devices, including many variants of RTL-SDR, FunCube Dongle, and BladeRF. But you don't need any such hardware to run SeeDeR. It can display, process, and analyze pre-recorded RF data, sampled in .au format.

SeeDeR contains features specifically developed for decoding radio data transmissions from satellites - in particular the crowdfunded SkyCube satellite - such as a built-in AX.25 decoder, and a satellite pass predictor.

SeeDeR requires a PC with Windows 7+, 1+ GB RAM, 2+ GHz dual-core CPU, 20 MB HD space. The executable is 32-bit.

This version of SeeDeR is beta software; you may find some bugs. Please report issues to the author, Scott Cutler (scott at scottcutler dot net). In your problem description, please list any SDR hardware you're using, and your SeeDeR software version, shown in the title bar of the main window.

Getting Started

SeeDeR contains two main components: an open-source hardware abstraction layer (SDRIO), and a Windows GUI application. Due to GPL and LGPL software licensing requirements, SDRIO and the SeeDeR application must be installed separately.

  1. First download and run the SDRIO installer. This installer can download and install drivers for your SDR hardware, as needed: RTL-SDR users can run Zadig, BladeRF users can install Nuand drivers. If you have a FunCube Dongle, no additional drivers are needed.

  2. Then download and run the SeeDeR installer. This is the GUI. You can run it without any hardware drivers, but it does need SDRIO.

  3. Read the user guide. It's 15 pages, illustrated. Reading it will take five minutes. If you ask questions that are answered in the user guide, we'll ask you to read the user guide. :-)

  4. Download sample data: a SkyCube telemetry "tweet" at 915 MHz, BPSK modulation, 57.6 kbaud. Telemetry data is encoded in a single AX.25 packet containing ASCII text. This is a real recording of a telemetry transmission from SkyCube's twin backup satellite made at close range through an RTL-SDR device (with SeeDeR).

Copyright and License

SeeDeR is free for non-commercial use. Contact Scott Cutler for other licensing options. SeeDeR is Copyright © 2013 Scott Cutler. All Rights Reserved.

SDRIO and its component modules are licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), and themselves contain GPL-licensed code. The source code for SDRIO is available here.

Additional licensing information is installed with SeeDeR in its folder under the Program Files directory.

Version History