The Location settings let you set your observing location -
by using your iPhone's GPS, choosing from a
list of cities, or precisely entering a latitude
and longitude. Click to enlarge.


SkySafari needs to know your location on Earth in order to correctly plot the location of objects in the sky. You can set this in the Location view from the main Settings screen. Four pieces of information are necessary:

There are three ways to set this information:

Use Current Location: Tap the "Use Current Location" button to use the iPhone's Location Manager to automatically determine your location based upon GPS or other information supplied by your internet service. When the location information is obtained this way the location name is filled in as "Current Location".

Choose Location From List: If you are near a major city, you can choose your location from a list. Tap "Pick from List" to see a list of countries or geographic areas. Choosing an area shows a list of major cities in that area. Choosing a city will automatically fill in the data for you.

Manual Entry: Finally, the information can be entered manually. A service like Google Earth can provide your latitude, longitude and elevation, if not known. Time zone offset information is available at A time zone offset behind or west of GMT is expressed as a negative number; one that is ahead or east of GMT is expressed as a positive number.

When entering a time zone offset from GMT, always enter the offset for Standard Time only. SkySafari will automatically correct this for Daylight Savings Time if DST is currently in effect (and the appropriate switch in the Date & Time view is turned on). Don't enter a Daylight Savings Time GMT offset here.

Save User-Defined Location: Tap the "Save User-Defined Location" to store a manually-entered location for retrieval later. To retrieve a user-defined location, tap the "Choose Location from List" button, then choose the "User-Defined Locations" group. You must name your location something other than "Current Location" before saving it as user-defined. If you choose the same name as an existing user-defined location, that existing location will be overwritten with the new longitude, latitude, etc. currently displayed in the Location view.

You can delete user-defined locations as follows:

  1. Tap the "Choose Location from List" button. Choose the "User Defined Locations" group at the end of the location groups list.
  2. Tap the "Edit" button at the top of the user-defined locations list.
  3. Tap the small, red, round, "-" button for each user-defined location you wish to delete. Confirm by tapping the red "Delete" button that appears to the right.
  4. When you are finished, tap the "Done" button at the top of the user-defined locations list.

Please Note: the User-Defined Location feature only available in SkySafari Plus and Pro.