Observing Lists

Observing lists keep track of objects you wish to observe, and record a log of your observations. Items in the list can be edited to show the time and date you observed the object, and let you enter notes about your observations of the object. You can share observing lists with friends by email, or send them to yourself for safekeeping.

You create and access observing lists at the bottom of the Search view, in the Custom Observing Lists section.

Creating Observing Lists

By default, SkySafari comes with a single, empty observing list called "My Favorites". To create additional observing lists, tap the Create New Observing List button at the bottom of the Search view. Give your new list a title; you can then add objects to the list.

Adding Objects to an Observing List

You can add objects to an observing list from the Object Info view. Tap the Add Object To Observing List button, located at the bottom of this view, to add the object to your list. On the iPhone and iPod touch you may need to scroll down in order to see this button.

If you have more than one observing list, SkySafari lets you choose which list to add the object to. If you have only a single list, this choice is skipped.

Using an Observing List

Tap an observing list in the Search view to see the objects it contains. Tapping an object in the list provides a choice of:

Sharing Observing Lists

Below the objects in an observing list is an Email Observing List button. Tap this button to create an email message with the observing list as an attachment. Enter the recipient's email address in the "To:" field, and edit the message body as desired. Tap Send to send the observing list to the recipient.

When the recipient receives the email on their mobile device, they can import the attached observing list into their copy of SkySafari. To do this, the recipient should touch and hold the observing list attachment until a view appears with an Open in SkySafari button. Tapping this button imports the observing list into the recipient's copy of SkySafari.

You can email your observing lists with or without observations. This lets you send a "clean" copy of an observing list to someone else. You can also email your observing list as a plain-text attachment, or as a CSV (comma-separated value) text file attachment. This lets you import your observations and notes into other programs.